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Technical information and the new media

  • Friday Nov 27,2009 05:33 PM
  • By Jonas Löwgren
  • In Background

The media landscape is changing. Media used to be produced centrally and then distributed to many consumers; however, digital media are all about participation.

Most people today participate in the media and the new public spheres, whether it is through relaxed status messages on Facebook or highly ambitious music video mashups. These are the same people that use technical information, and their new media practices bring new requirements as well as new competences.

(This is a slideshow in Swedish from Jonas Löwgren’s talk in Malmö on November 27, 2009.)

The development towards participatory media has implications for technical information producers. New tasks present themselves, and they may eventually be more important than the actual writing and distributing of information material:

  • creating platforms for users to create and communicate information;
  • catalyzing professional knowledge among the users;
  • organizing and selecting information.

The guiding principle of the Substrate project is to design collaborative platforms and practices for technical information suitable for the age of participatory media.


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  • 2 Responses for "Technical information and the new media"

    1. technical writing March 30th, 2010 at 11:20

      When I searched on Tuesday for articles and posts about technical writing I came across Technical information and the new media – Substrate, not sure how relevant it is to me but it made interesting reading all the same. I might even come back to see what else follows and what others think of it.

    2. technical writing March 30th, 2010 at 11:22

      Well Technical information and the new media – Substrate was interesting. Not exactly what I was expecting to find when searching for technical writing but worth a few minutes of my time anyway. You’ve clearly been busy lately!